Currently working in a permanent position

Andreas Streichardt Softwareentwicklung

Web application development

Tailor made software development

My background

I am developing web applications for more than 15 years. I have worked in diverse environments: From small startups to enterprises.
I have worked on some of Germany's most visited sites and designed multiple scalable backend architectures in different contexts. One of my key strengths is grasping business needs quickly and then becoming acquainted to an existing software architecture.

Current technology stack

Some of the technologies I am currently working with:

node.js, angular.js, react.js, babylon.js, docker, PostgreSQL, ArangoDB, Silex.

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Apart from the technologies I use in my daily work I always try to test new technologies: Over the years I have worked in C#, Java, C, C++, Lua, Go, Numerous SQL and NoSQL database systems, explored some face recognition techniques etc. I have developed a reasonable sense to recognize "hyped technology - will be dead soon" and "truly changes development - will be an influencing technology the next years".
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