Software Engineer / Scrum Master / Generalist

My background

I am a professional software developer since 20 years. In all these years I have worked in numerous environments and roles: I have worked in agile environments and water fall enterprise projects. I have led teams, worked as a Scrum Master, have been entitled Software Architect. Yet my passion was and remains to do software development.

Most of the time I have worked in web related projects. I started out as a backend developer and tried to strictly avoid (Frontend) Javascript. With the rise of "real" frontend frameworks like Angular, React et al that changed dramatically and I nowadays enjoy frontend development just as much (given somebody does the design). In most of the projects I was also integral part of the deployment, continous integration and release tooling.

Nowadays one would say I am a Full Stack Developer and a DevOps/Tooling guy.

From time to time I also do graphics programming and hardware stuff or obscure m68k assembly.

Some of the technologies I am or have been using extensively